About the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission

The Alaska Northern Waters Task Force (1 & 2) was created by the Legislature in 2011 and tasked with an initial examination of the issues brought forward by the opening of Alaska’s Arctic waters. Per the Task Force’s recommendation, the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission was legislatively created by HCR 23 (1 & 2) in April 2012, and held its first meeting March 23, 2013. The Commission carried on the work of the NWTF in more detail, and created actionable Arctic policy for Alaska.

The Alaska Arctic Policy Commission (AAPC) was comprised of 26 Commissioners, including 10 Legislators and 16 experts from throughout the state. The Commission was co-chaired by Senator Lesil McGuire and Representative Bob Herron.

The Commission produced a policy for Alaska’s Arctic that reflects the values of Alaskans, provides a suite of options to capitalize on the opportunities and safeguard against risk.

At its March, 2013 meeting in Juneau, the Commission divided into Policy Teams to focus on different topic areas. In 2014 the Commission reconvened as a whole rather than being divided into Policy Teams.

Please see this page for the AAPC’s Preliminary Report, Final Report, and Letter of Intent: AAPC Reports

Meeting of the AAPC

2013 Meetings:

2014 Meetings:

  • May 6-7 — Anchorage
  • August 26-27 — Kotzebue-Nome
  • November 13-14 — Anchorage