Anchorage MTG November 17-18

On November 17-18 the AAPC met from 9 AM – 5 PM at Nana Development Corporation – 909 West 9th Ave., Anchorage.

Final recommendations were reviewed and staff given direction for finalizing the Final Report and Implementation Plan by the end of Janaury, 2015.

Archived Video of Anchorage Meeting November 17

Archived Video of Anchorage Meeting November 18

Anchorage Meeting Notes – November 17-18

Meeting Documents (Current during the meeting):
Final Agenda Updated November 12
Draft Final Report V.07
Draft Implementation Plan V.05
Work Plan V.05
Arctic Policy Bill Verion E
National and Int’l Interests V.04

The entire meeting was open to the public and there was invited testimony at 12:15 on Nov. 17.